Can I bring my own food & drink?

This varies at each venue so please check the venue page for your event. Food, snacks, soft drinks and a fully stocked bar will be on sale at all events.


Do I need a paper ticket?

All of our ticketing is done electronically so you will not be sent a physical ticket. You can print out your e-tickets if you like but we advise saving the paper and loading the tickets on your phone or tablet to be scanned at the ticket tent on entrance.


Can I buy a ticket on the door?

We always recommend purchasing in advance to avoid disappointment but if there are still tickets available for a screening you will be able to purchase these on the door. There will not be a card machine at the ticket tent so on the door sales will only be payable in cash.


What happens if it rains?

All of our events are outdoor and will go ahead in the event of rain. Please check the forecast on the day of the screening and come prepared for the conditions. If it does rain we just need to call upon the Great British spirit, dress accordingly, and live for the moment!


Are children allowed to attend?

Guests of any age can attend but those under 16 must be accompanied by adult over the over the age of 18. The film certification always applies so please also make sure the film is suitable and of the correct certification. We reserve the rights to refuse entry to anyone under 16 who is unaccompanied or anyone who is under the certification age.


Do young children have to have a ticket?

Children under 2 can come in for free.


When can I arrive?

Most of our venues open around 2 hours before the film starts. We recommend you arrive as early as possible to soak up the atmosphere and reserve your spot.


What time does the film start?

Film times vary throughout the season depending on when the sun sets and can differ on the night by up to 30 minutes depending on the conditions. The film will never start before sunset and never before the published time listed on our website under the film.


Is seating provided?

Unless you have purchased a VIP ticket, you will need to bring your own blanket or camping chair to sit on.


Can I bring my dog?

Only service dogs are allowed at the screenings. No other dogs are allowed at any of our events. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Is on-site parking available?

We will always try to select venues that are either centrally located or have parking. Please read the event pages for venue specific information.


Can I smoke?

Smoking is not allowed within the seating areas for the comfort of our guests. This includes e-cigs and vapes. We usually designate a smoking area away from the audience area but some locations do stipulate no smoking on any part of the grounds. Please be considerate of others and abide by this rule.


Will there be toilets at the screenings?

Yes, all of our events have toilet facilities, including accessible facilities.